Jessica Lord, open web developer—designer

Jessica Lord

  • of the Warner Robins, Georgia Lords


I am an engineer at GitHub on the Electron team. I made my way here via open government development at Code for America, urban design at the City of Boston's Redevelopment Authority and architecture in Atlanta and Georgia Tech. It all makes perfect sense.

I develop in the open and try to share what I learn. Mosey on over to see more of my work, if you'd like.

I hail from the heart of Georgia but for now live in Portland, Oregon. I love open knowledge sharing systems, urban systems, walking and English comedians.

Very much about me: my feelings on privilege, community and open source.

Contact & History | twitter/jllord | github/jlord | IRC: freenode, #nerdtracker, #stackvm



  • StreetWise, Board member
  • Patchwork, teaching Git and GitHub to beginners.
  • NodeSchool, teaching Node.js and Git fundamentals.


  • GitHub, Inc, Engineer, 2013-present
  • Mozilla-Knight Open News Code Sprint, Sheetsee.js
  •, Maker-in-Residence, 3mos, Hacker Skills, San Francisco
  • Code for America, 2012 Fellow, San Francisco
  • Jr. Urban Designer, Boston Redevelopment Auth., City of Boston
  • Intern Architect, Rutledge-Alcock Architects, Atlanta


  • Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007 Architecture
  • Ecole d'Architecture de Paris LaVillette, 2006

About the Site

I built a static site generator and built this site. It took forever. Typefaces are Lora, Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro from Google Web Fonts.