Jessica Lord, open web developer—designer

Jessica Lord

  • of the Warner Robins, Georgia Lords


I'm an urban designer turned open web developer—which isn't as odd as it sounds. I use technology to build tools (and sometimes visuals) so that information—be it urban systems, code, or government—is more accessible.

I champion open knowledge, documentation, and kindness. I also believe open source is a privilege.

Lil Update

I've recently left GitHub and am taking a little break from work and open source for a couple of months and then getting back into the swing of things at the new year.

Work History

Most recently I was a Node engineer at GitHub where I started the Electron team. During my 3+ years at GitHub I also worked on Atom,, and supporting sites such as In 2013 I started the Patchwork community event to teach Git and GitHub to beginners.

My work as a full-time developer began in 2012 when, during my fellowship year with Code for America, I built open source tools for city government. One project would later become Sheetsee.js through a News Sprint Grant from Knight-Mozilla's OpenNews.

I have a background in design thanks to a degree (and many sleepless nights) in architecture from Georgia Tech. After graduation I worked at Rutledge-Alcock Architects before joining the City of Boston's Urban Design Technology Group. For three years at the City I worked on design reviews, crafted neighborhood plans, and created digital models, maps and other visual elements.

I used to be a baby and teenager in the heart of Georgia. I'm currently in Portland, Oregon. Should we work together?!

Get in touch | twitter/jllord | github/jlord | IRC: freenode, #stackvm



  • StreetWise, transportation data non-profit, Board Member
  • Patchwork, teaching Git and GitHub to beginners.
  • NodeSchool, teaching Node.js and Git fundamentals.


  • GitHub, Inc, Engineer, 2013-2016
  • Mozilla-Knight Open News Code Sprint, 2013, 2 mos, Sheetsee.js
  •, 2013, Maker-in-Residence, Skills curriculum, 3 mos, San Francisco
  • Code for America, 2012 Fellow, 1 yr, San Francisco
  • Jr. Urban Designer, 3 yrs, Boston Redevelopment Auth., City of Boston
  • Intern Architect, 1 yr, Rutledge-Alcock Architects, Atlanta


  • Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007 Architecture
  • Ecole d'Architecture de Paris LaVillette, 2006

About the Site

I built a static site generator and built this site. It took forever. Typefaces are Lora, Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro from Google Web Fonts.