Jessica Lord, open web developer—designer

Jessica Lord

  • of the Warner Robins, Georgia Lords


I'm an urban designer turned open web developer—which isn't as odd as it sounds. I use technology to build tools and visuals so that information—be it urban systems, code, or government—is more accessible.

I champion open knowledge, documentation, and kindness. I also believe open source is a privilege.

A Little Update

I've recently left GitHub and am taking a little break from work and open source for a couple of months and then getting back into the swing of things at the new year.

Work History

Most recently I was a desktop application Node.js engineer at GitHub where I started the Electron team. During my 3+ years at GitHub I also worked on Atom,, and front-end design projects on supporting sites such as In 2013 I started the Patchwork community event to teach Git and GitHub to beginners.

My Git and GitHub tutorial app, Git-it, has over 12,000 completions. My repository for it is the 4th most contributed to project on GitHub, surrounded by organizations like npm, Docker and Facebook.

My work as a full-time developer began in 2012 when, during my fellowship year with Code for America, I built open source tools for city government.

After the fellowship, my main project for visualizing spreadsheet data on websites would later become Sheetsee.js through a News Sprint Grant from Knight-Mozilla's OpenNews.

I have a background in design thanks to a degree (and many sleepless nights) in architecture from Georgia Tech. After graduation I worked at Rutledge-Alcock Architects before joining the City of Boston's Urban Design Technology Group. For three years at the City I worked on design reviews, crafted neighborhood plans, and created digital models, maps and other visual elements. Here are some examples.

During this period I became LEED BD+C (Building Design and Construction) accredited and was a part of the first groups to test for and earn the LEED ND (Neighborhood Development) accreditation (they have since lapsed, of course, as I've been in web development).

Before all of this, I was a baby and teenager in the heart of Georgia. Should we work together?!

Get in touch | twitter/jllord | github/jlord | IRC: freenode, #stackvm



  • StreetSmart, transportation data nonprofit, Board of Directors
  • Patchwork, teaching Git and GitHub to beginners.
  • NodeSchool, teaching Node.js and Git fundamentals.


  • GitHub, Inc, Engineer, 2013-2016
  • Mozilla-Knight Open News Code Sprint, 2013, 2 mos, Sheetsee.js
  •, 2013, Maker-in-Residence, Skills curriculum, 3 mos, San Francisco
  • Code for America, 2012 Fellow, 1 yr, San Francisco
  • Jr. Urban Designer, 3 yrs, Boston Redevelopment Auth., City of Boston
  • Intern Architect, 1 yr, Rutledge-Alcock Architects, Atlanta


  • Georgia Institute of Technology, 2007 Architecture
  • Ecole d'Architecture de Paris LaVillette, 2006

About the Site

I built a static site generator and built this site. It took forever. Typefaces are Lora, Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro from Google Web Fonts.