The Challenge:

Create a GitHub account, add username to your Git config.

Better, together

The repository you've created so far is just on your computer, which is handy, but makes it pretty hard to share and work with others on. No worries, that's what GitHub is for!

Step: Create a GitHub Account

GitHub is a website that allows people everywhere to upload what they're working on with Git and to easily work together.

Visit and sign up for a free account. High five, welcome!

Step: Add username to Git

Add your GitHub username to your Git configuration, which will be needed in order to verify the upcoming challenges. Save it exactly as you created it on GitHub — capitalize where capitalized, and remember you don't need to enter the "<" and ">" .

Add your GitHub username to your configuration:

$ git config --global user.username <USerNamE>

Verify with

git-it verify

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Didn't Pass?

GitHub & Git config usernames do not match

A common error is not having your GitHub username match the case of the one you set with git config. For instance, 'JLord' isn't the same as 'jlord'

To change your username set with Git, just do the same command you did earlier, but with the correct capitalization:

$ git config --global user.username <USerNamE>

When you've made your updates, verify again!