Hack Spots

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This website is hooked up to this Google Spreadsheet, which I've shared, so click and add your favorite hack spots to the bottom of the list! For the map you'll need to get the lat and long of the spot, you can get that here. The locating of these places is helpful, so please try to fill out all the columns.


When I'm visiting a new city I'd like to know which coffee shops have the best vibes, great coffee and are good for hunkering down and having a good hack. Yelp will tell you where the Starbucks is and Foursquare will tell you where your friend's have been - but did they like it and was it a grab in go place or a hack place? Plus, what about the people I don't follow on Foursquare or who can't check-in when in other countries?

Besides being a list I've wanted to have, it's a fantastic (or I think so) way of using sheetsee.js, which is a little JavaScript library I've been working on. Sheetsee.js helps you hook a Google Spreadsheet (awesome for data and collaboration!) to a website to make data more visual (maps, tables, charts).


This is a work-in-progress example of a fork-n-go project - which means, there is just a gh-pages branch in GitHub for this project so when you fork it, you've got a live and hosted website instantly. BAM! Just copy the spreadsheet headers and create your own spreadsheet, swap out the spreadsheet key in index.html and commit those changes. BAM! You've got a live and hosted site with a spreadsheet you control. More on the readme.