New Site, Simple Site

As @muan says, I'm "making modest websites."

I don't even dislike my old site (now in this repo, at this address). I love what I've called for years now website blue, the shock of colbalt (and here it persists). I like the type enough that it's what's on this new site, too. But I felt like something new and I felt like something really simple. So I've spent about two years just fussing with colors. Anyway, long live HTML and CSS.


This is a screenshot of the old site.

A Few Words on the New Site

How simple can I make this? It's left aligned! No buttons?! I could do another pass and tighten up the CSS. Most importantly I'm using Eleventy, rather than my own creation (see below), to build it and doing fun (to me) things with spreadsheets that I turn into JSON, or just writing a list. I plan on constantly tweaking this site (type, layout, colors) and never really considering it done until I start a new site. I will keep trying to keep it simple.

A Few Words in Honor of the Old Site


Great work!

I built the old site ten years ago! Back when I was bright-eyed and coding around the clock and doing things like building my own static site generator as a fun exercise. It was brittle but it's held up. I learned lots from @brianloveswords at that time and he has since taught me many things like SQL, skillet chicken and how to handle finances.

Goodbye old site, you were made with love and I will not forget you!

Published on — Wed Apr 12 2023