Sheetsee.js is a client-side library for connecting Google Spreadsheets to a website and visualizing the information in tables and maps.


Google Spreadsheets can be used as simple and collaborative databases, they make getting a data driven site going much easier than traditional databases. Read more about using spreadsheets for databases.


Each of Sheetsee's functions are divided into modules. Use just the parts you need; see docs on building. If you don't want to build your own, you can just use the full library which includes all modules, it's here on GitHub.

Module Contains Docs
sheetsee Command line module for make a custom build of Sheetsee. Doc
sheetsee-core Included in all builds. Has helpful working-with-your-data functions. Doc
sheetsee-tables Contains everything you'll need to create a table including sortable columns, pagination and search. Doc
sheetsee-maps For making maps with your point, line or polygon spreadsheet data. Built with Leaflet.js. Doc
New News!

Get your Spreadsheet as JSON or Try Sheetsee with Glitch!

The site will give you an endpoint to use that will return your spreadsheet to you as JSON. The site provides template to get started with Sheetsee; it's already set up with a server so that your data is backed up.

Or Fork a Site!

There are site templates hooked up to Sheetsee that are ready to be forked on GitHub and used by you, check out the Fork-n-go site.

Sheetsee Updates

Sheetsee has just been re-written and there are some breaking changes. Also some nice ones, like dependencies removed. The API for maps with Sheetsee have changed, see the docs.

Resources & Documentation

More resources on using Sheetsee:

Getting Started Ideas Demos Use
About Sheetsee Templates Table Demo Sheetsee-core
Building Sheetsee Tips! Map Demo Sheetsee-tables
Basics Sheetsee-maps