Jessica Lord, open web developer—designer


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Below are a few personal projects—much more can be found on my GitHub.

Essential Electron Concise plain-speak about Electron.

Git-it An interactive desktop app for learning Git and GitHub.

Sheetsee.js A library for visualizing data from Google Spreadsheets.

Fork-n-Go Web sites that can be forked, reused and hosted with minimal effort.

Sheetdown CLI for converting Google Spreadsheets into Markdown tables.

Lending Library Fork-n-Go site for sharing things—spreadsheet as database.

Hack Spots Fork-n-Go site for mapping and listing locations.

More on github/jlord and npm/~jlord

Urban Design, Architecture & CFA

stuar street
apa guide

Here are some selected projects from my work in architecture, urban design and year as a Code for America fellow.


grid system
gov diagram

Most all of my work in some capacity involves graphics, but sometimes I graphic just for fun. Here are a few samples.

A bit more on Dribbble.