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I spend my time in the spaces and sometimes intersections of open source, web development, urban design, government technology and information design. All the things. Also bikes, Oakland, coffee.


I work at GitHub with really awesome people making awesomes tool for development and open source. I work on frontend dev things, gov things, design things, occassionally I toy with Node. I've got a little open source library, sheetsee.js, that makes it easy to make visualzations websites from Google Spreadsheets.

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Sheetsee 3


I’ve just updated Sheetsee.js with new features and all new docs. I’ve been waiting to ship this, it feels like, for far too long. I’m hoping now Sheetsee is at a solid enough place that I can focus spare time on making more¬†fork-n-go¬†examples. I’ll get straight to the most exciting point: the new sample data… read moar

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