#Engage the Community

What are the most common data requests coming in through your 311 line?

Solicit feedback from the developer community.

  • Contact Code for America to see if there is a local civic hacking group who might be willing to assist or provide feedback to you on your work.
  • Check for any civic data or open data meet-ups in your area and consider attending a meeting.
  • Reach out to the open 311 community for feedback and advie.

#Find your Data Review your data for accuracy Review your data for coverage/completeness

#Decide how to format your Data An existing standard for 311 data is baked into the Open311 open platform specification maintained by OpenPlans and used in a number of U.S. cities.

#Decide how to deliver your Data API Bulk Data

#Publish your Data Metadata Documentation

#Engage your Community </del>

Email Phil Ashlock– he can help. phil@civicagency.org