The Challenge:

Merge your branch locally, delete old branch and pull from upstream for much win!

Step: Merge Locally

Your pull request has been merged! Now, since you know that you definitely want those updates in your forked version, and your branch is in good working order, merge it into the main branch on your forked repository, in this case, 'gh-pages'.

First, move into the branch you want to merge into — in this case, branch 'gh-pages'.

$ git checkout gh-pages

Now tell Git what branch you want to merge in — in this case, your feature branch that begins with "add-".

$ git merge <BRANCHNAME>

Tidy up by deleting your feature branch now that it has been merged.

$ git branch -d <BRANCHNAME>

You can also delete the branch from your fork on GitHub:

$ git push <REMOTENAME> --delete <BRANCHNAME>

Step: Pull from Upstream

And last but not least, if you pull in updates from the original (since it now shows you on the home page) you'll be up to date and have a version too, live at:

To pull from the original upstream:

$ git pull upstream gh-pages


You've created local repositories, remote repositories, worked with a collaborator, pushed, pulled and joined the millions of others developing and enriching open source!

Visit to see your name incorporated!

Verify with

git-it verify

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